Vertical CNC Internal Grinding Machine

Vertical CNC Internal Form Grinders
Easy setup, specialized and with graphic conversational control

The FVG-10i, a vertical CNC internal form grinder that features Chevalier's grinding technology, was developed to meet the market demand for difficult grinding processing. In the hydraulic motor industry, our technology meets the standards required for machining stators for cycloid motors and steering gears, which are common hydraulic power units widely used in the petrochemical, construction, shipping, engineering, mining and metallurgy, along with other industries.

The SMART iControl's powerful computing force enhances HMI (Human Machine Interface) graphic conversational control for greater precision with the FVG-10i, which is capable of providing grinding solutions with the optional accessories and fixtures needed for industry-specific requirements.


Item Description FVG-10i
Capacity Max. swing diameter Ø450 mm (Ø17.7")
Max. cutting diameter Ø145 mm (Ø5.7")
Max. turning height 110 mm (4.3")
Spindle Grinding spindle speed 15,000 rpm 
Rotating spindle Indexing accuracy 20 sec. 
Repeatability accuracy 4 sec. 
Travel X-travel 290 mm (11.4")
Y-travel +50 mm / -50 mm (+2.0"/-2.0")
Z-travel 550 mm (21.7")
Feed rates X-axis rapid traverse 2.6 m/min 
Z-axis rapid traverse 3 m/min 
Vertical axis counter weight system Pneumatic counter weight system 
X-, Z-axes ball screw diameter Ø36 mm / Ø10 mm (Ø1.4"/Ø0.4")
Motors Spindle motor 21 kW / 31.5 kW 
Axis motors (X/Y/Z) 3 kW / 0.85 kW / 3 kW 
Machine dimensions Floor space (W x D x H) 1,970 x 3,430 x 3,215 mm (77.6" x 135.0" x 126.6")
Net weight 3,600 kg (7,900 lbs.)
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