CNC High Precision Linear Guideway Grinding Machine

CNC High Precision Linear Guideway Grinding Machine

Linear guideway grinding machine is equipped with two vertical grinding spindle. The entire machine adopts a rectangular column door design, the structure has good rigidity and stability. The Y/V axis is equipped with a 30HP servo motor feed, and a high resolution optical ruler is used for the closed loop design. Precise positioning feed ensures stable machining accuracy.


Item FLG-4M
Control System   CHEVALIER SMART CNC Control
Capacity Max. Grinding Length-Longitudinal 4,000‭ ‬mm‭ (‬15.7‭")
Max. Grinding Width-Crosswise 80 mm (3.1")
Distance Between Vertical Heads
300‭ ‬~870‭ ‬mm‭ (‬11.8‭"~34.3‭")‬
Max. Dis. from the Surface of Wheel to the Table Surface (Min.~Max.) 100‭‬~500‭ ‬mm‭  (‬3.9‭"~19.7‭")‬
Max. Workpiece Weight 100‭ ‬kg‭ (‬220‭ ‬lbs‭)‬
Table Table Working Size 400 x 4,800 mm‭ (‬15.7‭" ‬x 189‭")
The Distance From Table To Ground 1,100‭ ‬mm‭ (‬43.3‭")‬
Distance Between Column (Door Width) 1,400‭ ‬mm‭ (‬55.1‭")‬
Table Speed 0~30‭ ‬m/min
Max. Table Stroke 4,500‭ ‬mm‭ (‬177.2‭")‬
Transverse Movement
(Z/W Axis)
Max. Stroke 800‭ ‬mm‭ (‬31.5‭")‬
Feed Speed 0~5‭ ‬m/min
Least Increment 0.001‭ ‬mm
Elevating Movement Of Wheel Head
(Y/V Axis)
Max. Stroke 350‭ ‬mm‭ (‬13.8‭")‬
Feed Speed 0~3‭ ‬m/min
Spindle Spindle Speed 100~2000‭ ‬rpm
Grinding Wheel (OD. x Width x Bore) 610‭ ‬x 50‭ ‬x 254‭ ‬mm‭ (Ø‬24‭" ‬x 2‭" ‬x Ø10‭")‬
Motor Spindle Motor 22‭ ‬kW‭ (‬30‭ ‬HP‭) ‬x 2 pc
Axis Motor (Y/Z/W/V) 3‭ / ‬3‭ / ‬3‭ / ‬3‭ ‬kW
Hydraulic Tank 2‭ ‬kW
Lubricant Tank 0.4‭ ‬kW
Coolant Tank 1.1‭ ‬kW x 3 pc
Control Introduction