FALCON Machine Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in grinders, lathes, and milling machines. With a global customer base, we market our products worldwide under our own brand "CHEVALIER." We are committed to providing excellent solutions for various industries and continuously strive for technological innovation and green transformation.


CHEVALIER develop the SMART iControl / iSurface CNC system to enhance the performance of grinding machines and simplify the operation process.

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These features are the standards required by the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, semiconductor, mold and processing industries in order to meet current and future market demands.

Aerospace Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Automotive Industry
Mold Manufacturing Industry
Automation Industry
Other Industry
Chevalier has a team with excellent technical expertise and extensive experience, committed to providing outstanding machining solutions for the aviation industry. With superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge equipment, we meticulously create every detail, ensuring that each component, whether made from advanced aviation materials or special alloys, meets the highest precision standards.
In the processing of hard and brittle materials in the semiconductor industry, Chevalier's equipment can meet the requirements for grinding, filtering, protection, structural rigidity, composite high-speed processing, and automation. We possess the design, technical expertise, and practical experience to fulfill the processing needs and provide solutions for industry clients.
Slot die and ultrasonic welding head for battery tabs is a crucial component in the manufacturing of lithium batteries for electric vehicles. Chevalier has dedicated extensive time and effort in the electric vehicle industry, striving to provide optimal solutions for demands such as mirror surface grinding, high dimensional precision, and stability.
Chevalier is a manufacturer specializing in outstanding mold manufacturing solution equipment. With years of experience and technological innovation, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, high-precision mold processing equipment. Our goal is to enhance production efficiency and continually elevate product quality.
In the field of automation, RV reducers play a vital role with their gear discs. Chevalier 's technical team is dedicated to developing grinding equipment that is suitable for high profile and dimensional precision, providing superior solutions in the process.
Chevalier is dedicated to collaborating with partners across various industries, whether to enhance production efficiency or develop new products. Through continuous research and technological innovation, we provide tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers in a dynamic market.