High-Efficiency Grinding Center

High-Efficiency Grinding Center
Powerful, multi-axis, moving column, high-precision grinder

FMG-1632CNC-HD is a high-precision, multi-axis, servo-driven, movable column machine designed for powerful CNC grinding. It is very suitable for forming and grindingvarious complex shapes and difficult-to-grind materials.

The X-, Y-, Z-axes linear slide rails make the heavy cutting process faster and more stable, ensuring optimum grinding accuracy. This machine is designed for heavy-duty, slow feed grinding and can be widely used in many fields, including, the aerospace, automotive, medical and mold industries.

The dual-air cylinders on the spindle function as the main counterbalance system for the stable-feeding axis transmission. A wheel head mounted or table mounted type diamond roller dresser and a built-in dynamic balance system ensure optimal grinding accuracy.

The wheel head and table mounted roller dressers can be configured for automatic dressing and compensation. An optional 4th and 5th axis rotary table is a high-precision, Swiss-made Lehmann indexing table that includes a servo-driven water spray system and servo configuration for multi-axis applications, resulting in optimally efficient grinding.


Item Description FMG-1632CNC-HD
Control system Siemens 828D 
Capacity Max. grinding length-longitudinal 810 mm (31.9")
Max. grinding width-crosswise 410 mm (16.1")
Height from table to ground 810 mm (31.9")
Max. table load 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs.)
Table Table size 410 x 810 mm (16.1" x 31.9")
Height from table to ground 960 mm (37.8”)
Table speed 0~25 m/min (0~82 fpm)
Max. table travel 920 mm (36.2")
Transverse movement (Z) Max. travel 510 mm (20.1")
Feed speed 0~4,000 mm/min (0~13 fpm)
Wheelhead elevation (Y) Max. travel 600 mm (23.6")
Feed speed 0~3,800 mm/min (0~12.5 fpm)
Spindle Spindle speed 500 ~ 1,800 rpm 
Spindle motor 1PH8163, 37 kW 
Motors Axis motors (X/ Y/ Z) X: 1FT7108, 10.5 kW
Y: 1FK7084, 3.1 kW
Z: 1FK7101, 4.9 kW 
Wheel dimension OD x Width x Bore Ø405 x 75 x Ø127 mm (Ø16" x 3" x Ø5")
Machine dimensions Floor space (W x D x H) 6,020 x 4,510 x 3,602 mm (237.0" x 177.6" x 141.8")
Net weight 11,000 kg (24,200 lbs.)