TMTS 2024 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show

Date: 2024.03.27 ~ 2024.03.31
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
Booth No: J0118, TaiNEX 1
Exhibition Infomation: https://www.tmts.tw/en/exhibitors/288
Catalogue Download: TMTS2024_ShowMachines.pdf

About TMTS 2024

Taiwan International Machine Tool Show 2024 also known as TMTS 2024, is the 8th exhibition will be set for 3/27~3/21 and takes place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1), Taiwan. The exhibition's goal is to promote Taiwan's machine tool industry, showcase technology and capabilities, and facilitate international cooperation through the participation of companies and professional buyers from various countries in the exhibition to expand international market influence and opportunities.

TMTS 2024 attracts participants and exhibitors from all around the globe, with a diverse representation from manufacturers, suppliers, industry professionals, and researchers in the field of machine tools and related technologies, provides a platform for industry exchange, allowing exhibitors, visitors, and professionals to communicate and cooperate at the show, thereby promoting the development of the entire industry.

TMTS 2024 Two Themes: Digital Transformation and Green Transformation

  • DX (Digital Transformation) highlights the integration of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and automation into the manufacturing processes. This theme focuses on how digital advancements are reshaping the landscape of machine tools and manufacturing, leading to enhanced efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.
  • Another key theme is GX (Green Transformation) which encompasses initiatives and innovations aimed at reducing carbon footprint, optimizing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and adopting eco-friendly practices throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, which underscores the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness in the manufacturing industry.

TMTS 2024 Chevalier Grinding Machine Introduction

  1. FVGC-50 Vertical Grinding Center

    This highly efficient and productive vertical grinding center, which easily meets yield and efficiency requirements in the semiconductor industry, features a unique axial protection design that completely seals the machine to prevent dust pollution during grinding of brittle workpieces.

  2. FRG-400/600 Series Fully Automatic Rotary Surface Grinder

    Chevalier adds the new FRG-400/600 Series of rotary surface grinders to our excellent family. The series has several design features that ensure smooth, stable grinding: a durable, ribbed machine column structure that can withstand heavy-load grinding with a fully enclosed hydrostatic rotary table.

  3. FSG-20/24ADIV Series Fully Automatic 3 Axis Surface Grinder

    This fully automatic precision surface grinder with several newly designed features, such as a traveling column structure to further reduce vibration and achieve higher accuracy, a spindle that can withstand heavy load grinding and a double-V guideway for smooth, stable longitudinal movements.

  4. SMART-B1640IV CNC Surface Grinder

    This series has several functions not found on such affordable machines: iSurface control, variable speed spindle, constant surface speed, loading detection and in-machine, manual dynamic balancing, can shorten processing and non-processing preparation while delivering high-precision workpieces.

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