Semi-Auto Precision Surface Grinding Machine (FSG-2A series , 2-Axes Automatic)

Surface Grinder FSG-2A618 / 2A818 / 2A1224

FSG-2A618 High Precision Surface Grinder FSG-2A818 Semi-Auto Precision Surface Grinding Machine FSG-2A1224 Semi-Automatic Precision Grinding Machines
  • These high precision surface grinders have been specially developed and improved in recent years. The optimum span of double V crossfeed guideways is designed based on bending moment, Kinematics and supporting force. All essential castings are made of high grade of cast iron that is stress relieved through annealing to eliminate internal stress.

    A mirror surface can be accomplished on these machines accurately and efficiently due to machine construction features and the specially designed V3 grade spindle motor that provide excellent rigidity and stability. With the greatest stiffness and stability of the castings, these machines are suitable for precision surface grinding. These grinders are offered with one-full-year limited warranty for mechanical and electrical parts.

    • 2-Axis automatic: X-axis by hydraulic system Z- axis by motor
    • Table Size (W x L): up to 300 x 600mm (12" x 24")
    • Z-Axis with Double "V" Ways and Electric Motor
    • Hand scrapped Turcite-B used on X and Z-Axis
    • Spindle Speed: 3,500/1,750rpm
    • Spindle Power: 2HP/ 5HP
    • Hydraulic Drive: 1HP/ 2HP
    • Crossfeed Drive: 1/6HP
    • Elevating Drive: 1/4HP
  • Coming Soon...