Fully Automatic Rotary Surface Grinder (FRG Series)


  • Chevalier has added the FRG-400/600 rotary surface grinder to our grinder series. This series features several excellent designs, ensuring a smooth and stable ribbed high-rigidity column structure, capable of handling heavy-load grinding with a fully enclosed hydrostatic rotary table.
    Ample interior grinding space and a double door design contribute to ease of access for workpiece loading and unloading. The drainage system easily removes swarf for cleaning. The machine is fully enclosed with a sealed, waterproof metal guard.
    This series of grinders meets the high-efficiency productivity requirements and the demand for creating smart factories in industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, and semiconductor.

    iSurface control feature

    • Surface dressing
    • Surface grinding, step grinding, stair grinding
    • FRG-400

    • iSurface control
    • Rotary table size: Ø400 mm (Ø15.7")
    • Max. grinding radius: R225 mm (R8.9")
    • Max. grinding height (elevating): 350 mm (13. 8”)


    • iSurface control
    • Rotary table size: Ø600 mm (Ø23.6”)
    • Max. grinding radius: R325 mm (R12.8”)
    • Max. grinding height (elevating): 350 mm (13. 8”)