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iMCSTM connection for SMART manufacturing
    As a pioneer of smart machine tools, Falcon Machine Tools Co. has heavily invested in the research and development of smart manufacturing related technologies. We’ve developed iMCSTM (iMachine Communications System) system architecture, peripherals, sensors and other integrated devices for all our Chevalier machines.
Through iBOX via MTConnect and OPC UA communication protocol, all data communications are compatible with major application platforms to meet industrial IoT (Internet of Things), data collection and sensor applications in Industry 4.0, Big Data Analysis, Digital Twins and other related application requirements. 

    This newsletter includes client application cases to illustrate how Chevalier’s iMCS connects the entire production process of smart manufacturing. With the integration of the IoT; big data collection and analysis and cloud applications; AI technology; machine operators can communicate with each other; replace the traditional factory production management model with real-time, data-based and visualized management; and assist the manufacturing industry in digital transformation to face an increasingly, highly competitive environment.
Zero downtime
    Various sensors can be installed on Chevalier machines to collect information such as vibration, current, temperature and other data to establish maintenance and fault detection models to predict the life cycle of parts and prompt users to repair and replace parts that are about to fail in order to achieve the goal of zero machine downtime.
Production management
    Related information used in production management, including workpiece count, program name, processing time and machine status, can be applied to such internal systems as MES, ERP and BI through iBOX via OPC UA or MTConnect communication protocol to build production management or decision support systems.
    Operators and managers can obtain machine equipment status, machine utilization rate monitoring, personnel performance management, real-time production status, machine alarm abnormal management and predictive maintenance information from the shop or remotely 24/7 through smart devices.
Case application for iMCS
    Customer A is in the large-scale machine tool industry. Production includes a limited number of diverse and multi-processing parts, processing and production that may require multiple replacements and input programs. This has a potential risk for an operator to make mistakes due to replacement and manual inputting of programs. 

    Chevalier’s exclusive SMART iControl uses a graphical interface display along with iMCS user friendly software to preform data collection and translation of information through our iBOX, which integrates with IoT functions and signal transmission. This enables the machine, database and robotic arm to communicate with each other for a completely automated production. This smart process enables better accuracy and with data analysis from network connectivity allows managers to improve the production process and increase output.
Intelligent program process: 
•    Starting coordinates for workpiece grinding: After the workpiece is automatically replaced, the system will automatically recall the previously stored grinding parameters of the workpiece and automatically apply the corresponding grinding start coordinates. 
•    Wheel life warning system: When the grinding wheel is smaller than the minimum outer diameter setting, an alarm is generated. 
•    Automated production process: When the processing signal is sent to the iBOX, it notifies the factory automation system to alert the robotic arm to automatically load and
turn the workpiece. 
•    Work history: iBOX collects and records the work history to assist production management during operation.
Chevalier captures coveted international marketing award 

    Chevalier’s literature submission for the 2021 International Summit Creative Awards won a bronze medal. Congratulations for an outstanding team effort!
    The Summit Awards, independent and international in scope, focuses on identifying superior creative and effective marketing. It conducts impartial, ‘blind’ judging events that recognizes, celebrates and promotes creative, effective marketing. Its judging process is impartial and free from outside influences. Winners receive gold, silver, bronze and best of show awards.
    Over the past 27 years, with 20 countries participating and more than 3,000 submissions, the Summit Awards has established itself as one of the premier arbiters of creative and marketing excellence. Being recognized by the Summit Awards brings prestige and additional value. Winning provides validation of exceptional work through respected industry wide criticism.
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