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Chevalier’s intelligent CNC grinder is the perfect match for the electric vehicle and semiconductor industries
    TIMTOS x TMTS 2022, the first alliance between the two major machine tool exhibitors in Taiwan, was held February 21-26 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. The event, which featured 950 exhibitors in 5,100 booths, had engaging virtual and on-site elements. Those people who could not attend the six-day show could conveniently view exhibitions online for one month. Exhibitors showcased the innovative R&D strengths of the machine tool industry, including smart manufacturing solutions. 
This year at TIMTOS x TMTS, Chevalier's Sales Manager Benjamin Zheng joins buyers online held by TAITRA at TIMTOS x TMTS 2022.
Show Machines
• NEW FSG-2064ADIV, a fully automatic precision surface grinder with traveling column, features 3-axis and Chevalier’s exclusive iSurface control
• NEW FVGC-50 vertical grinding center
• FNL-220LSY multi-functional CNC for turning and milling
• FCL-130RP high-speed linear way CNC lathe
   We are very pleased with our interactions with attendees and their interest in our machines during TIMTOS x TMTS 2022. We discussed with prospects, customers and distributors the latest trends and how Chevalier’s exclusive iMCS for data collection provides innovative machining and comprehensive remote monitoring anywhere in the world, avoiding downtime and improving productivity. We exhibited our FSG-2064ADIV, FVG-50, FNL-220LSY and FCL-130RP machines, which meet the needs of customers in the electric vehicle and semiconductor industries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some customers could not come to Taiwan for this exhibition, but many show attendees were actively seeking the smart machinery manufacturing solutions that Chevalier provides.
Our success at TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 underscores our position as the leader in smart machine technology. Always reliable and innovative, Falcon Group creates innovative and intelligent products based on operator needs.
Slot Die for Lithium Batteries of Electric Vehicles-FSG-2064ADIV
Coating machines and slot die, critical parts in a coating machine, are key components for the production of lithium batteries. Slot dies are important for multiple reasons. The quality of a slot die directly affects the uniformity of the lithium battery. The surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of the die must meet stringent requirements. Chevalier grinders are the perfect match for this application, offering high precision and stability in grinding processing. Our grinders produce a slot die with excellent mirror surfaces, small roughness and outstanding flatness.
Grinding of Brittle Workpieces- FVGC-50
The FVGC series, completely sealed for process filtration, is equipped with either a hydrocyclone or centrifugation system, both of which are consumable-free. The environmentally friendly centrifugation system recycles debris from the grinding process, allowing chips, impurities and power to be completely filtered and separated. It also increases the longevity of the cutting fluid and improves workpiece grinding accuracy.
Medical Instrument Parts High Accuracy Processing- FNL-220LSY
The FNL-220LSY, a multi-axis, multi-functional CNC turning and milling center, is designed with a 30-degree, true slant bed and linear roller guideway structure to ensure the highest accuracy during high-speed machining. These guideways provide 30% stronger rigidity than regular linear ball guideways. The multi-functional lathe offers first and second operations in one machine. The series includes high-torque live tooling, with full C-axis for the main and sub-spindle on FNL-220S models.
Electric Tools Parts High Accuracy Processing- FCL-130RP
The 30-degree, slant bed is engineered with ease of access and trouble-free maintenance in mind. Auto-load and unload system provide a graphic user interface. Other features include: quick setup for different workpieces; customized program and workpiece counter; efficient loading and unloading; and rapid workpiece swap to maximize efficiency.
Global Sourcing Conference Online Session

    The TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 online exhibition is very popular, allowing dealers online in Italy to view exhibition and negotiate an annual procurement plan during an online procurement session.
Seminar on Precision Abrasive Processing Technology

    We are an important member of the Taiwan Abrasives Processing Society. Every year, our staff learns about the latest abrasives and processing application technology. We pass along these updates to our customers so they can improve accuracy and production capacity and reduce their expenditures on consumables.
Exhibition behind-the-scenes video
TIMTOS X TMTS 2022 Taipei International Machine Tool Show
Online Exhibition: February 21 – March 21, 2022
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