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iMachine in the Forefront
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    This issue of Chevalier’s distributors’ newsletter is dedicated to reviewing our progress in iMachine in the Forefront. Although the show organizers recently decided to postpone the in-person event, the TIMTOS 2021 Online Exhibition will continue as scheduled to serve exhibitors and buyers worldwide. You may also visit our virtual reality showrooms for a comprehensive show machine lineup.
    Chevalier’s exclusive intelligent Machine Communications System™ (iMCS) showcases a comprehensive remote-monitoring software that integrates with IoT functions on our CNC machines. The design additions to the machines we’re showning during TIMTOS 2021 Online enable intelligent machining, resulting in ease of use, more flexibility and optimal efficiency. See our new SMART iControl 4, which offers enhanced features: in-machine dynamic balancing, intelligent grinding assistant system and TaskLink+. All of which are Chevalier’s solutions for keeping our customers updated with the latest technologies.
Show machine highlight
Chevalier's FMG-B1640 Surface and Profile CNC Grinder
    The FMG-B1640 profile grinder offers greater precision by placing the high-waist traveling column on the same level as the spindle, creating a solid, rigid machine structure that minimizes vibration, movement and displacement. Axial movements are programmable in increments of 1 µm (0.0001") with little effort. 
    This user-friendly machine includes our exclusive
PC-based SMART iControl 4,  featuring such enhanced functions as graphical dialogue interface, intelligent grinding and manual on-line
dynamic balancing.
Chevalier's FSG-1632ADIV Fully Automatic Precision Surface Grinder
     The FSG-1632ADIV surface grinder has several design features to shorten your processing and non-processing preparation while delivering high-precision workpieces: iSurface control, constant surface speed, smart grinding path and in-machine manual dynamic balancing. Enables increments to the axial movements during fine-tuning feed is 0.001 mm (0.00001"). At rapid movement, zero clearance is achieved without deviation and the machine grinds in a precise straight line.
Chevalier's UNi5X-400 5-axis
Vertical Machining Center
    The UNi5X-400 Series of 5-axis VMC with the stability, speed and accuracy you require while machining complex workpieces. The show machine incorporates a new DD motor-driven rotary worktable with an extended workpiece diameter of 610 mm while maintaining its small footprint and maximum machining range.
The addition provides the necessary stability, speed and precision when processing complex work parts, resulting in maximum
machining performance.
Chevalier's QP536-LV High-speed
Vertical Machining Center
    The powerful and reliable QP536-LV VMC offers fast movement of interpolation that meets the need to stay productive. This easy-to-operate show machine is equipped with a special supersonic shank to the spindle’s internal power transmission to achieve better machining efficiency with shorter cycling time and fulfill yield requirements for large quantity and hard and brittle micro-hole machining at higher speeds while improving machining efficiency up to 50%.
Focus's FNL-220LSY Multi-axis, Multi-functional, Multi-operational
    The FNL-220LSY is a multi-axis, multi-functional CNC turning and milling center that does the work of several machines. The series is designed with a 30-degree, true slant-bed, linear-roller guide way structure and a 60-degree compound Y-axis, all which ensure the highest accuracy possible during high-speed machining. These guide ways provide 30% stronger rigidity than regular linear-ball guide ways. The machine is also equipped with Sauter turret, 16-station live tooling, twin spindles and a big-bar capacity that provides machining flexibility.
Focus's FBL-250SY Multi-axis,
Horizontal Turning and Milling Lathe
    The FBL-250SY, a highly rigid, box way turning and milling center, features the largest Y-axis travel (±55 mm) in its class. It is designed with twin spindles, high-torque live tooling and full C-axis for main- and sub-spindle machining. Performs such functions as milling, drilling
and tapping.
Focus's FCL-130RP High-speed,
Linear Way CNC Lathe
    The FCL-130RP, designed with a 30-degree slant bed, incorporates a gantry type parts loader and unloader and a tailor-made feeding station for increased volume production. The compact, shorter machine length design features a small footprint. Also included is a graphical user interface and built-in customized program that delivers shorten production and cycling times.
TIMTOS 2021 Taipei Intermational Machine Tool Show Online Exhibition
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