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 Leading the way to full-range, punch-die grinding
The FVGC-50P is well suited for the punch-die industry with its ability to produce various shapes and sizes. The machine’s graphical conversational software is a perfect match for this industry’s vertical and horizontal grinding production demands.
Graphic conversation -Grinding Functions
This feature helps the operator make quick- processing settings for different shapes and specifications to meet high-efficiency and high- precision requirements. The HMI graphic conversational function offers greater precision and efficiency with a more stable grinding performance.
Graphic conversation -Dressing Functions
An optional, table-mounted diamond roller
dresser improves efficiency and is easy to operate. It uses the graphic conversational
function to grind differently shaped workpieces and perform grinding wheel dressing with automatic compensation.
Vertical and horizontal grinding
The optional fourth-axis rotary table produces differently shaped workpieces. Vertical or horizontal rotary grinding applications can be used to meet processing requirements.
The FVGC-50P meets small-batch or mass-production requirements in the punch-die industry. It features a unique axial protection design that completely seals the machine to prevent dust pollution and damaged during the grinding process.
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Highly Efficient Profile Grinder With Traveling Column
Featuring a highly rigid traveling column design and our exclusive SMART iControl, FMG-B12/16 Series profile grinders deliver flexibility unmatched by any other machine. It meets current and future market needs, facilitating factory automation.
Multi-Function, CNC Surface Grinder
The heavy-duty slide rails, one-piece base casting and hardened wheelhead guideways create a solid, rigid machine structure. SMART iControl, combined with TaskLink+ function, greatly enhances the performance.
Automatic Precision, Surface Grinding Machine
Features intelligent iSurface control with 
in-machine manual dynamic balancing, automatic dressing and compensation functions, plus a new, highly rigid, double-layer structure design.

Double-Sided, High-Precision Fine Grinding Machine
Equipped with the latest technology, this
innovative, double-sided grinder is ideal for a variety of flat, hard and brittle materials. Suitable for high-precision, high-efficiency mass production of small- and medium-sized workpieces.
Vertical Grinding Center
FVGC-50 Series
This series easily meets the needs of
the semiconductor, aerospace and punch-die industries. A unique, axial-protection design completely seals the machine to prevent dust pollution during grinding of brittle workpieces.
Year-end party
Thanks to the employees and suppliers who have been supporting CHEVALIER all the time, pay tribute to yourself who works and live so hard, and hope to gather deeper emotions and energy, move forward together, and make Falcon even more dazzling and wonderful!
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