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Automation, Sensors, Intelligent Machinery
Chevalier's newly designed FMG-B1224AWC, a CNC precision profile grinder, establishes a new benchmark for intelligent machinery. With a high-efficiency traveling column, the grinder integrates automation with smart functions.
Automatic Wheel Change Module
Complex procedures can be processed on a single machine to meet the needs of automated production.

Automatic Diamond Roller Change Module
Automatically changes diamond rollers with a robot arm to achieve maximum production efficiency and meet the dressing needs of various grinding wheel shapes.
Intelligent Auto Wheel Dressing

Experienced or not, the system can automatically determine the best time to dress during the workpiece grinding process, improving grinding efficiency and resulting in a more stable grinding performance.
Smart Grinding Path

Leveraging Chevalier’s extensive experience in technological innovation, we have greatly enhanced the intelligent grinding path by automatically minimizing air cutting strokes during grinding of such irregular shapes as I, L, Z or triangular. Invalid cutting strokes are automatically removed, improving overall processing efficiency.
Smart Health Diagnosis: Life-cycle prediction system for spindle and ballscrew

Minimizes downtime with sensor collecting and monitors the operation of spindle and ballscrew. System predicts and provides maintenance information, reduce the probability of sudden and major accidents and provide smart machine health diagnosis and management.
Smart Compensation: AI thermal displacement compensation system

The system’s sensors collect the machine’s temperature changes. AI uses this information to build and compensate for thermal displacement by generating and updating learning models. It also reduces machining error caused by thermal deformation during the grinding process to improve accuracy and performance.
The FMG-B1224AWC is a high-efficiency, CNC- precision profile grinder with a traveling column. The machine is equipped with an automatic grinding wheel changer that meets the grinding needs of multi-process forming workpieces. With smart intelligent diagnosis and compensation, the system detect machine status.
The system is user-friendly and reduces time-to-failure and successfully builds an intelligent machine with high production efficiency.
Credibility of Taiwan's smart machinery industry enhanced at international technology show in Chicago, USA
Chevalier participated at IMTS in the Foreign Trade Association and the Confidential Machinery Research and Development Center to jointly implement the "Smart Machinery Overseas Promotion Plan" of the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

We used the IMTS platform to jointly promote the benefits of Taiwan's smart machinery industry to Taiwanese exhibitors. Chevalier shared many innovative applications of smart manufacturing and automation at the launch site of the Taiwan Pavilion at IMTS.
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