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Our fully automatic, precision surface grinders improve performance, precision and stability.
    Chevalier’s FSG-2048ADIV and 2064ADIV CNC surface grinders now include four new machine sizes along with several newly designed features: 
• a highly rigid, double-layer structure design with traveling column to further reduce vibration and achieve higher accuracy; 
• fully supported design of worktable and maximum table speed 30 m/min, increase processing efficiency;
• an integrated, machine-body, temperature control system greatly improves the accuracy and stability;
• oil-film, orbital lubrication, double-V guideway for smooth, stable longitudinal movements;
• a spindle that can withstand heavy load grinding, optional 18.5 kW spindle motor.
    These features are all integrated to provide heavy load grinding to greatly improve grinding performance, precision and stability.
All new iSurface control
    The core of the FSG-2048/2064ADIV Series offers an intelligent iSurface control that features in-machine manual dynamic balancing, variable speed spindle, constant surface speed, automatic dressing and compensation, and smart grinding path functions. These features contribute to production efficiencies that simplify operation procedures and greatly enhance the performance of Chevalier CNC grinders.
iMachine Communications System™ (iMCS)
    Our exclusive iMCS software, the source of a comprehensive remote monitoring system, achieves greater collaboration between partners, factories and individual production lines. 
    Our iBOX connects clients to Chevalier through international communications protocol and OPC UA / MTConnect / umati. This technology monitors machine-to-machine sensors and smart devices on the factory floor, real-time performance data and overall equipment effectiveness. This helps manufacturers reduce costs, increase efficiencies and better prepare for future challenges or disruptions.
    iMCS software is user friendly, IIoT-ready and specifically designed for an end-user’s analytic needs. This level of 24/7 data monitoring fosters a greater understanding of production assessment, which leads to streamlining and maintaining operations for greater efficiency and productivity. 
2050 Net Zero Energy Transition
    Energy management is the first step towards a net zero energy transition. Elimination of emissions is feasible between now and 2050. And it’s important to continue cost reduction efforts in the coming years in order to further reduce costs and drive the pace of transition.
    Chevalier integrates related data from machine processing and produces diagnostics through digital technology to achieve energy management. We are in the first of four phases: 
1: Energy consumption visualization
2: Managing energy saving
3: Energy saving optimization
4: Smart energy saving
Through controller data collection, energy consumption during machine processing is converted into a power display. The energy consumption data of the whole machine can be calculated and presented in the controller interface, which makes it convenient for customers to monitor carbon emission data.
Happy Family Day! 
    Chevalier’s well-being committee organized a fun mountain hiking outing in April. Staff and their families all enjoyed a leisurely walk and hike in Taichung Dakeng. Chevalier is committed to creating a congenial workplace that values the health and happiness of our employees. We’re already planning our next off-site event. Stay tuned for more details.
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