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Chevalier is the recognized leader in
CNC profile grinding technology
    Chevalier’s highly regarded SMART and FMG Series of grinders are equipped with the world’s most advanced SMART iControl, which includes these features: intelligent grinding assistant system, intelligent auto wheel dressing, grind CAM built-In function, smart grinding path, TaskLink+, in-machine dynamic balancing, worktable smoothing function and in-machine process monitoring screen. SMART iControl also improves production efficiency, simplifies operation procedures and greatly enhances the use and performance of Chevalier CNC grinders.
    Chevalier’s intelligent profile grinders are capable of producing complicated shapes for highly accurate workpieces. Combined with TaskLink+, they allow operators to create their own programs for generating complex grinding tasks in a single cycle. In combination with our highly flexible, user-friendly graphic conversational interface, these grinders fulfill the needs of the medical, energy, semiconductor, aerospace, mold and processing industries to meet current and future market demands.
Industrial Screw industry – Thread-Rolling Die    
SMART-B1224IV / FMG-B1224

To meet the needs of our thread-rolling die customers, Chevalier developed our exclusive graphic dialog software. Users can easily model and accurately produce a diverse range of complex workpieces.
Renewable Energy Industry-Ultrasonic Welding Head

Welding head specifications can be extremely diverse, considering the demand of lithium batteries by the electronics industry and the use of ultrasonic welding as the most stable quality sealing method. Chevalier's SMART iControl intelligent auto wheel dressing and TaskLink+ functions can be applied to the production mode to simplify operation procedures.
Precision Machining Industry-Spline Shaft

A spline shaft, tool magazine and common gearboxes are widely used in the components industry. Chevalier's CNC grinders offer complete grinding solutions for processing bottlenecks.
Aerospace Industry-Turbine Shrouds
FMG-B1224 / SMART-B1224IV

With the demand to produce parts in the aviation industry increasing, now is a great time to consider Chevalier’s SMART and FMG Series of grinding machines. We continue to develop processes specific to aerospace parts.
Recycling industry-plastic pulverizing plate
Zero carbon emissions and carbon neutrality are common global goals along with improvement of various processes, and efficiency in tasks. Chevalier’s SMART and FMG Series of grinding machines align with global, zero carbon emission goals with various grinding processes.
Show Machine Highlight
Show Dates: June 13~17, 2022
New surface grinding machines offer newly designed features

    Chevalier’s new FSG-2048ADIV and FSG-2064ADIV machines join our ADIV Series of surface grinders offering, two additional machine sizes along with several newly designed features including, a traveling column structure to further reduce vibration and achieve higher accuracy; a spindle that can withstand heavy load grinding; and a double-V slide rail for smooth, stable longitudinal movements.
    This series features a double-V, guideway design laminated with Turcite-B anti-friction material for smooth and stable longitudinal movement. Equipped with a new oil-film guideway lubrication system designed for low-wear, the series easily and effectively achieves mirror grinding while improving grinding accuracy.

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SMART-IV Series                FMG-B12/16 Series
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