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FVGC Series: The perfect match 
for the semiconductor industry

    This highly efficient and productive vertical grinding center, which easily meets yield and efficiency requirements in the semiconductor industry, features a unique axial protection design that completely seals the machine to prevent dust pollution during grinding of brittle workpieces.
Industry application
    The semiconductor industry is widely regarded as an innovative leader in the application of composite materials. Most workpieces used are composite, single crystal silicon, hard and brittle, along with other materials that present process challenges and easily generate dust
during machining.

Sealed for grinding
    A unique axial protection design completely seals the machine during grinding. A telescopic cover and roller shutter mechanism are used for waterproofing and anti-chip protection. The metal shavings or hardened powder is removed with a protective scraper attached to the telescopic cover. The tool magazine's automatic door provides fully enclosed dust-proof protection, preventing brittle material powder from adhering to the tool holder and ensuring grinding wheel accuracy.
Water-guided and
waterproof design

    The worktable’s design, which effectively prevents dust pollution, protects and increases the life span of precision transmission components.
Ring-shaped workpiece grinding
     The optional fourth axis can be installed as the second spindle for rotary machining of ring-shaped workpieces, with a stable and low-speed feed. It can also be switched to the fourth axis for fixed-angle machining to meet processing efficiency requirements.
Grinding filtration system
    The optional centrifugation system is suitable for such materials as carbon, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, graphite, and quartz particles.
    Filtering and separating are achieved without using and replacing consumables.
Double-row coolant spray nozzle
    Double-row multi-spray coolant nozzle can effectively cool down different contact points during processing and dressing to avoid scorching workpieces.
Quartz Ring Processing Application Video
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