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New Chevalier SMART iControl 4
to Enhance Grinding Performance in Many Ways

Chevalier customers continue to ask us to innovate. And we’re doing it again this year.

    The 4th quarter launch of Chevalier’s SMART iControl 4 will be a perfect match for the smart manufacturing and automated world in which we now conduct business. The SMART iControl 4 will deliver a bounty of benefits. Users will no longer need to write complicated programs and memorize detailed variables. Instead, they will complete huge, complex processing programs and perform intricate grinding. And the SMART iControl 4 will incorporate several intelligent functions and the latest, strongest graphical interface. It will also improve production efficiency, simplify operation procedures and greatly enhance the use and performance of Chevalier CNC grinders.

The new SMART iControl 4 will be featured in these Chevalier grinders:
•    FMG-B1224/1640 Series
•    SMART Series
Intelligent Grinding Assistant System
    Sets parameters based on prioritizing the machining process for precision or speed in order to improve application efficiency.
Intelligent Auto Wheel Dressing
    This function detects when the wheel needs to reach optimal cutting efficiency regardless of operator experience.
Grind CAM Built-in Function
    Allows users to import CAD files for wheel and part profiles, and convert file data to processing paths. This function allows for greater operator efficiency and eliminates the need to purchase additional software.
SMART Grinding Path
    This feature automatically minimizes air- cutting strokes during grinding of such irregular shapes as I, L, Z or triangular. It also automatically removes invalid cutting strokes and improves overall processing efficiency up to 40%.
    The operator can use TaskLink+ to quickly see each program name and its corresponding grinding parameters. This mode enables operators to complete and visualize grinding tasks in one program.
In-machine Dynamic Balancing
    Operator can manually adjust the grinding wheel to reduce grinding wheel vibration and eliminate the surface workpiece ripple to improve grinding quality.
Worktable Smoothing Function
    Reduces reciprocating vibrations caused by the X-axis ballscrew to enhance the surface furnish of a workpiece.

In-machine Process Monitoring Screen
    The grinding path, machine positions and feeds and speeds are all displayed on a single screen for better efficiency in monitoring the machining process.
5+2 Innovation Industries Plan

    Established in 2016, Taiwan’s 5+2 Major Innovative Industries plan is an ambitious plan that serves as the central driver of the nation’s industrial growth and is underscored by a best practices model for sustainable development.
    The plan covers seven industries and projects: intelligent machinery, Asia Silicon Valley, green energy, biomedicine, national defense and aerospace, new agriculture and the circular economy.
    The requisite Industry 4.0 technologies, including cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and intelligent robots, are transitioning Taiwan’s machinery industry from precision based to intelligent based. This shift is stimulating innovation, boosting the competitiveness of industry and increasing corporate profitability while raising wages, creating jobs and bringing more balanced development to all regions of Taiwan.
    Chevalier is a diligent and active participant in 5+2, which contributes to our leadership role in interdisciplinary development and diversified industrial applications, resulting in more competitive and innovative CNC machining systems and solutions for our customers.
Chevalier’s Participation in Taiwan’s 5+2 Major Innovative Industries plan
     SMART Series             FMG-B12/16 Series
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