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Valuable Solutions for Difficult-to-cut Materials
     With the advent of 5G, AI innovative technologies and a greater demand for workpieces across many of the industries we serve, new machining materials are constantly being introduced. And product quality and accuracy requirements have become increasingly more advanced.
     To address these exciting changes, Chevalier has invested a significant amount of time researching methods to improve the machining and manufacturing processes in order to devise specific solutions to meet our customers’ needs.
     Here are two perfect solutions for difficult-to-cut materials for the many evolving industries we serve.
Graphite Cutting Application – Mohs Hardness 1~2

    The QP1620-L is the ideal cutting solution for such materials as aluminum silicon carbide, glass, ceramics, graphite and cemented carbide. Integrated with a Heidenhain-KGM machine tuner to tune the machine, the QP1620-L more than meets the difficult demands for machining accuracy and surface roughness and smoothness.
     In addition to its high-rigid casting structural design, the QP1620-L is equipped with the oil cooling device of a 0.1 Celsius degree thermal-controlled spindle; customized jig and fixture; special PCD diamond cutter; diamond grinding bar; expanded look-ahead block; advanced controller; and more.
     To meet the needs for wet-type, graphite mold machining for glass thermal bending, the QP1620-L is well-designed with a high waterproof and dustproof guideway protection mechanism that is perfectly suited for these industries: semiconductor, electronic, medical, aerospace, automotive, tool, mold, machinery and components.
Tensile Test Specimen – Composite Material Industry
     Chevalier’s precision grinding SMART Series with SMART iControl’s exclusive graphical conversational programming masterfully completes the machining cycle of composite materials more efficiently than any other machine in the marketplace.
     The tensile test specimens of aramid, carbon and glass fiber; ultra-high modulus polyethylene; and honeycomb structure can be processed on the SMART Series since they are widely applied to many state-of-the-art technological structures in the aerospace, airplane and automobile industries. Additionally, our custom-made SMART Series precision grinding machines can be used for cutting and grinding various types of these test specimens, which are made of such composite materials as V-notch and dumbbell-shape.     
     The SMART Series is the perfect solution for clamping and mass-production machining due to a variety of non-magnetic characteristics of composite materials. The clamping method can be classified into four types: mold locking, double-sided adhesive, vacuum pad and wax fixing. The special filtering system satisfies both wet- and dry-type cutting.
The Apprenticeship Project Between Chevalier and National Formosa University (NFU)

  Further extending its commitment to some of Taiwan’s top college students, Chevalier recently donated a SMART-B818III to National Formosa University (NFU).
  Chevalier began an internship program in 2018 with the goal of training and hiring NFU students following graduation. It’s a win-win for both parties. Students combine theory and practice and get hands-on experience from a CNC industry leader in the intelligent machine tool manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, Chevalier trains the next generation of engineers to meet the ever-growing needs of a competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.
The Response to COVID-19

  During this rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic and its concerns and restrictions, Chevalier’s (FALCON’s) priority is focused on the health and safety of our employees and their families. We’re also committed to providing the same high level of service and support to our customers during these challenging times.
  Chevalier is following all government regulations to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and customers. We are limiting most travel and practicing social distancing while our worldwide network of distributors are working with customers through our many digital channels.
  Chevalier (FALCON) will remain focused on working together with you to solve your CNC machining needs. We remain ready to offer you the same affordable solutions and outstanding service personnel to keep your equipment operating at peak performance. 
   Be safe. Stay healthy. And thank you for your continued support.
Chevalier's FDG-700, a double-sided, high-precision fine grinder
for the mass production of small- and medium-sized workpieces.
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SMART Series and FDG-700
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QP-L Series and EM Series
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