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Chevalier’s NEW FMG-B1224 Traveling Column Grinder 

The FMG-B1224 is equipped with dual-ballscrew and drive system, 40HP spindle motor, high-efficiency moving column and is a CNC precision profile grinding machine that the aerospace industry among others will put to use in upcoming machining lines.

By combining the traveling column’s rigidity with the machine’s SMART iControl, the FMG-B1224 high-precision grinder delivers flexibility no other machine can currently match. These are the standards required by the medical, automotive, mining, semiconductor, aerospace and job shop industries in order to meet current and future market needs and pave the way to factory automation.

Chevalier achieved greater precision by placing the high waist traveling column on the same level as the spindle, creating a solid, rigid machine structure that minimizes vibration, movement, and displacement. Axial movements are programmable in increments of 0.001 mm (0.0001") with little effort. 

Our grinding machines are designed to be user friendly with our exclusive PC-based SMART iControl featuring conversational programming. Combined with TaskLink, it allows operators to create their own programs for generating complex grinding tasks in a single cycle—without an engineering degree.

SMART iControl 

Chevalier's SMART iControl features powerful computing force that enhances the HMI (Human Machine Interface) for greater precision. Combining the SMART iControl with data analysis from network connectivity allows managers to improve the production process and increase output.

Chevalier's iMCS with iBOX

Falcon Machine Tools Co., Ltd. has launched iMachine Communications System™ (iMCS) software that enables users to avoid downtime and a loss of productivity.

"Our clients are able to connect to iBOX on Chevalier’s machines via our iMCS software at any time for performance data, which includes anticipating potential issues and preventing stoppages,” says Edward Chang, R&D Director of Chevalier Machinery.

Efficiency is no longer about a machine’s uptime but how the entire machine line works as a whole. Chevalier’s iMCS reporting enables remote machine monitoring, alarm history, maintenance, data analysis and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The ability of remote monitoring and service functionality of the machinery from anywhere eliminates having direct physical contact during inspection, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. Addressing the critical issue of costly downtime and waste dramatically impacting an end-user’s bottom line, Chevalier has integrated iMCS software into our CNC machines to identify and report logs in productivity on a 24/7 basis. Instantaneous communication from a machine allows the operator to make fast modifications, resulting in a highly efficient and profitable machine.

iMCS software is user friendly and specifically designed for an end-user’s analytic needs. Smartphone applications will provide access to the monitoring status of the machine regardless of the end-user’s location. This level of monitoring fosters a greater understanding of production assessment and leads to streamlining and maintaining operations for higher productivity and profits.

METALEX 2019 BANGKOK - Nov 20-23, 2019 

METALEX 2019 had a great closed. Once again, it has delivered a business opportunity-inducing platform for ASEAN’s metalworking industrialists through superior technology presentation. The premiere of several smart machines has captivated manufacturers. Conferences are packed with delegates. Business matching activities have initiated the alliance between trade partners without borders.

One of Falcon's Thailand distributors, "N-Tech", also participated in this event. Demonstration of surface grinder model AD & 3A series that meet the needs of the local Thai market. Many of Chevalier’s local clients visited Chevalier’s (N-tech) booth for the business meeting. Additionally, there were many visitors interested in our grinders and came to the booth to ask for more information and about the solutions our grinders provide. 

China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition - May 18-22, 2020 (CIMES, Beijing) 

This exhibition will bring together the global advanced manufacturing enterprises of machine tool industry, spread the advanced manufacturing technology, accelerate the supply and promote the international trade. Chevalier will be exhibiting four machines and focus on various applications. See you there. 
Hall: W2
Taiwan Controller Contest - Sponsor event Oct 5, 2019

Smart machinery is one of the five major industrial innovation policies of the government. In order to promote the smart machinery industry innovation policy, the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs entrusted the Precision Machinery Research and Development Center (PMC) to handle the competition with domestic controllers as the main body, planning processing implementation and creative software development courses.

In order to support and train a new generation of mechanical professionals, Falcon Machine Tools participated in this project and donated a QP2033-L VMC machine for school teaching.
Watch our new video: CNC machines shaping key data assets into valuable intelligent products
Inquire for our new literature on the NEW FMG-B1224 and FSG-AF Series grinders. Also newly updated is the UNi5X-400 and  the Product Guide literature.
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