CNC Surface Grinder (SMART-IV series)

SMART-H/B 2440 / 2460 / 2480IV

  • Intelligent. Dynamic. Affordable.
    These words describe the driving forces behind the new design of our SMART-IV CNC surface grinders. These are the benchmarks required by the medical, energy, semiconductor, aerospace, mold and processing industries in order to meet current and future market demands.
    This series is capable of producing complicated shapes for highly accurate workpieces along with finer finishes. The heavy-duty slide rails, one-piece base casting and hardened wheelhead guideways create a solid, rigid machine structure that minimizes vibration, movement and displacement.
    Our grinding machines are designed to be user friendly. Now, our exclusive next generation SMART iControl incorporates production efficiency, which simplifies operation procedures and greatly enhances the performance of Chevalier CNC grinders. Combined with TaskLink, it allows operators to create their own programs for generating complex grinding tasks in a single cycle—without an engineering degree.

    • 3-Axis CNC
    • Conversational SMART Control
    • Table Size (W x L): up to 600 x 2,000mm (24" x 80")
    • Spindle Power: up to 25HP Greater Spindle HP Available
    • Standard Spindle Speed: 600rpm to 2,500rpm (B818III 1,000 to 7,000 rpm)(higher spindle speed is available on request)
    • Grinding Wheel Dynamicbalancer.
    • Coolnat System With Auto Paper Filter & Magnetic Separator.
    • Coolnat System With Auto Paper Filter.
    • Three Point Double Recessed .
    • Dual Support Rolling Type Wheel Dresser.
    • Table Mount Disc Dresser With Coolant Pipe.
    • Universal Table Mount Disc Dersser With Coolant Pipe.
    • Roller Balancing Stand.
    • Balancing Stand.
    • Grinding Wheel.
    • Double Recessed.
    • Wheel Flange.