Column-type, Multi-function CNC Surface Grinder (SMART-20/24IV series)

SMART-H/B 2048 / 2064 / 2448 / 2464 / 2480 IV
SMART-H 24120 / 24160 IV

  • Chevalier’s SMART-IV Series now includes the larger-sized SMART-H/B20/24IV machines, which have several newly designed features: a column-type structure to further reduce vibration and achieve higher accuracy; a spindle that can withstand heavy load grinding; and a double-V slide rail for smooth, stable longitudinal movements.
    These features are the standards required by the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, semiconductor, mold and processing industries in order to meet current and future market demands.
    These larger-sized machines are designed for heavy load grinding to improve performance, precision and stability for highly accurate workpieces along with finer finishes. A number of components contribute to a single-piece design, rigid machine structure that minimizes vibration and displacement. They include: heavy-duty double-V guideway, a double-hydraulic cylinder and a base under the machine table that is long enough to support the full travel of the table.
    These CNC grinding machines are designed to be user friendly. Our exclusive next generation SMART iControl incorporates production efficiency, which simplifies operation procedures and greatly enhances the performance of Chevalier CNC grinders. Combined with TaskLink+, it allows operators to create their own programs for generating complex grinding tasks in a single cycle—without an engineering degree.

    • Chevalier SMART iControl
    • Table size: Up to 600 x 4,000 mm (23.6" x 157.5")
    • Max. table load: 2,800 kg (6,160 lbs.)
    • Spindle motor: 11 kW (15 HP), optional 18.5 kW (25 HP)
    • In-Machine Dynamic Balancing